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Karina Mangu-Ward

Karina Mangu-Ward

Karina Mangu-Ward is Organizational Design Lead at August, where she serves as lead consultant on August’s government and non-profit engagements. She has 10 years of experience working with nonprofits, government agencies, and community networks. Karina specializes in designing organizations fit for the 21st century and coaching executive leadership teams through complex change initiatives. Her work focuses on process improvement, change management, and group facilitation.
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Is Your Decision-Making Style Working for You?

We’ve been talking about decision-making a lot lately at August, and so have our clients. 

My hunch is that remote working during COVID-19 is...

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Black Lives Matter

White supremacy, and the system that upholds it continues to kill Black people.

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Sorry to tell you. Some organizational problems can’t be solved.

A few years ago, a coaching client of mine leaned in and said quietly, “Listen, I’d be happy if I could just hide in the corner and focus on my part...

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Three Types of Agile Teams

I've lost count of the times a senior leader at one of my client organizations said to me “agile won’t work here.”

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Leading Hybrid Teams

Everyday practices for a thriving hybrid culture

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