Empowered Decision Making




The Challenge

Decision making is often slow, disempowering, and ineffective. And decision making directly impacts your speed, innovation, and employee engagement.

How We Help

We’ll help you make faster, higher quality, and more inclusive decisions by building and embedding a custom set of mindsets, practices, and resources to define decisions, identify decision-makers, hear and integrate different perspectives, and clearly communicate to stakeholders.


Our Experience

We’ve supported leaders and teams from across industries to improve decision-making and drive speed, innovation, and inclusion. We’ve seen when employees learn better decision making practices, the organization reduces bureaucracy, empowers frontline team members, and better navigates uncertainty.

“It was a perfect recipe. You truly took a human-centered design approach to improve decision-making at Autodesk. You brought deep, deep expertise in decision-making practices and localized it to Autodesk specific needs. It came together in such a way that it enabled us to be truly effective.”

— Rita Giacalone, Autodesk Senior Director,
Global Head of Culture, Diversity and Belonging

In the words of our partners

Client Spotlight

Autodesk committed to improving decision making and employee engagement after pulse surveys consistently showed low scores on the question “Overall, I’m satisfied with how decisions are made at Autodesk.” The culture team identified a direct link between scores on this question and overall engagement results.


Autodesk partnered with us to design and launch an Empowered Decision Makers sprint. We worked with the Global Head of Culture, and with the endorsement and active participation of the CEO, the organization quickly embraced new decision making practices. We offered a mix of live virtual workshops, a virtual instructor led training (VILT), and embedded meeting facilitation. Beginning with the top 200 senior leaders, we trained all managers on a decision making playbook and used the practices to accelerate more inclusive and clear decisions.


Explore more about Autodesk’s improved decision making in this YouTube Playlist of six short videos.


“I can’t emphasize enough how awesome it has been working with August. It's hard for me to imagine working with a partner that is more adaptable and responsive to us. The decision making sprint has been successful thanks to our partnership with you.”

— Jyoti Argade, Autodesk Manager,
Culture, Diversity and Belonging

A typical partnership includes

Design Playbook

Customize and codify decision making practices to support full scale rollout


Partner with Leaders

Understand business needs and model practices that support big decisions


Train Coaches

Build the capacity of internal coaches to use and teach decision practices


Coach Teams

Facilitate decision practices in real time to improve existing teams and projects


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