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4 Tips for Better Decision-Making

With workplaces in a state of near-constant change, now is the time to reinvent the core process that keeps your organization running.

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From Great Workshops to Greater Impact

Here are 6 ways to build momentum on your most ambitious projects.

Every time I participate in a big-picture workshop, I come away incredibly...

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Inclusive leadership isn’t just a behavior – it’s a mindset.

What makes an inclusive leader?

There are a lot of great articles and lists out there on the subject, and most of them overlap on core qualities...

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5 Secrets of Leading Successful Change

A common question I often hear when I start working with new organizations is this:

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We’re reevaluating the 40-hour work week.

At August, we intentionally grant ourselves a lot of autonomy over where, when, and how we work.

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Leading Hybrid Teams

Everyday practices for a thriving hybrid culture

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